Bodhi Battalion Service Dogs

Could a Service Dog Change Your Life?

Bodhi Battalion Sumer 2022 Puppy Cohort


The name Paolo is Paul in Italian, and he is our Summer22 cohort namesake.

Sgt. Paul Palumbo served in the 200th Cost Artillery; he survived the Bataan Death March, Davio Penal Colony and ultimately was killed when he was a POW on the Japanese Hell Ship Shinyo Maru.  Sgt. Palumbo was only one of four men (out of 1700) to receive the Silver Star.  We are honored to remember his sacrifice by providing service in his name.  As one of three pups from Meadowland Springers, we are confident that he will be able to excel in his duties and partnership with his veteran.


Nala is a tremendous student.  Eager to please, she studies her environment and the needs of her handler.  As she grows, she demonstrates her desire to learn new tasks and be a loving partner.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this special girl.


After recognizing this sweet girl resembled all the qualities and personality of our SD pro, Vinny, we started calling her “Minny Vinny” and realized that Minny is a perfect fit.  Her huge spirit is unmistakable, and her ability to learn new tasks quickly makes her the perfect partner for her veteran.   Minny is another English Springer Spaniel from Meadowland Springers, so we know she has great things ahead!


Tash means “king of heart,” and he lives up to his name.  This boy is ready to work and eager to please.  He comes to us from Meadowland Springers with a long line of hard-working, even-tempered, loving English Springer Spaniels.  He is a joy to work with, and we look forward to helping him reach his highest potential.


This beauty is a veteran owned SDIT that was able to work her way into our program with her sharp mind and gentle temperament.  She picks up tasks so quickly and can’t wait for the next challenge.  She is a sweet Aussiedoodle  that came from San Juan Kennels who is now a valued partner of the Bodhi Battalion.


From the moment we met him, we knew he was our Bodhi.  His patient demeanor,  gentle personality, and physical strength embody what it takes to be a good partner.  Bodhi ( who was 72lbs at six months) was selected to help his veteran with brace/support and mobility tasks.


The name Levi means “joined in harmony.”   His happy personality and ability to learn quickly will help shift daily life for his veteran.  We know he will continue to progress in his training and become an invaluable service partner.


This pup had a special mission and found his way into his veteran’s life to provide healing after losing a beloved companion.  He is enthusiastic about his work and is always ready to take on new challenges.  His loving nature shows us he is on the right path to becoming the best service dog and partner he can be.  We are so excited to watch this partnership grow.

Service Dog FAQ

How Long Does It Take To Get A Service Dog?

Fortunately, our wait-times are typically 18 months or less with occasional fast-tracking on a case-by-case basis. Some trainers have wait-lists that are four to five years, which is ridiculous considering the crucial need for these animals. However, training a service dog to meet your specific physical, emotional, or medical needs will naturally require some time. Once you contact us, we will walk you through the application process, including expectations for the timeline, so that you are informed every step of the way.

I worry about the extra attention the dog will attract to me.

I understand that having too many eyes on you at once can be stressful. However, most of the people around you will either wave the sight off or become enamored by the unflinching loyalty that your dog demonstrates. Their focus won’t be on you, but the furry little badass that refuses to give anyone else attention but you. Moreover, your service animal will be specifically trained to help you overcome any feelings of anxiety or uneasiness wherever you are. In time, you will see that your focus becomes so narrowed on your partner at your feet, that everyone else will fade into the background.

At this point, can anything really make a difference?

Listen, I have been in your shoes. Before I got involved with these animals, I spent 18 months in the biggest military hospital in the country, Walter Reed. I was put on 193 different types of medication, got divorced, and even thought about just giving up—in the worst possible way. But my dog saved my life in a moment of weakness and continues to help me overcome my own trauma. Over time, I realized that once you begin reframing thoughts like I can’t do this or Nothing will make a difference into Can I do this? and Can anything make a difference?—the the answer is always, yes—irrefutably, yes.

Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands

If you want to take your life back and free yourself from PTSD or the trauma of combat injuries, I can help you restore your sense of independence and purpose. Please email us at to schedule your consultation so we can discuss the application process and timeline for changing your life with a free service dog.

Interested in volunteering to be a Puppy Raiser or Foster?

Our puppy raiser program involves families taking a service dog in training into their home that is between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 months old. The puppy remains with the family until the age of 14 months when they are returned to Bodhi Battalion for advanced training, assessments, and placement to their forever veterans. All food, veterinary care, & training is covered by Bodhi Battalion. The family would be responsible for practicing the training & taking the puppy everywhere they go including work, stores, etc.

We are currently accepting applications for new puppy raisers and fosters.

We are also seeking short term fosters for random portions of time under two weeks of duration. Sometimes our puppy raisers need vacation or we receive a new dog in training and need temporary foster families for these dogs. If you are interested in either puppy raising or fostering short term, please contact us at and we’ll send you the application and required criteria.