Help Local Veterans Through Our Corporate Partnership Program

us-flag-1444564-639x472Corporate partnerships are an integral component to helping veterans in our communities find safe shelter, regain stability and look forward to a rewarding future. The Bodhi Battalion is devoted to maintaining strong relationships with corporations and businesses in the Denver metro area. Together, we can ensure our veterans receive the care, compassion and respect they deserve.

Since the Bodhi Battalion is a relatively young nonprofit organization, we have many opportunities for corporations to get involved in our cause. Below are a few ways your business can donate and volunteer to help veterans in need. Keep in mind that we are also always open to new ideas about how you may volunteer your generous team, services, products or spaces to improve the lives of local veterans.

Become A Corporate Sponsor For Bodhi Battalion Events And Activities

Sponsoring our events, such as neighborhood BBQ gatherings or activity days, offers your business the chance to give back to our veterans and promote community awareness of the issues they face. Often located in public spaces, our events are meant to bring members of our communities and our veterans together. These interactions are important for struggling veterans because they allow them to see that they are not alone, and that the community cares about their well-being. Our events also provide veterans with opportunities to create new relationships and friendships as they gain confidence in their positive roles in the civilian world.

It’s also possible that you are interested in organizing your own corporate sponsorship activity, such as a marathon or golf tournament, that can also serve as a fundraising event for the Bodhi Battalion. Or, perhaps you would like to offer your convenient location as a place to host veteran community gatherings. No matter how you decide to get involved as a corporate sponsor, we are interested in hearing your ideas and discovering how we might work together best.

Take Advantage Of A Corporate Volunteer Opportunity

One of the most unique and powerful ways your business or corporation can get involved in the Bodhi Battalion’s efforts is through team member volunteer events. For example, because we are a housing-first initiative working toward acquiring and maintaining homes for homeless veterans, we are always looking for extra helping hands to make our living spaces as safe, clean and healthy as possible. You may decide to offer the assistance of your employees and host a housing clean-up day, during which you and your team can work to transform our newly-acquired apartment units into welcoming spaces for veterans. If any individuals within your organization have technical skills or professional training in household improvement, they may also be able to help us ensure that the electricity, plumbing or carpentry in our units is in good working order.

You and your team of dedicated employees may also be interested in developing your own educational program for veterans. For example, your company may have expert employees who can teach veterans how to cook simple, inexpensive and healthy meals for themselves. In this situation, you may also decide to complement this educational opportunity with a donation of basic cooking supplies. Regardless of your business field, we can help you tailor your specializations to the needs of our veterans.

Create A Corporate Fundraiser

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can get involved in the Bodhi Battalion is by creating a corporate or business fundraiser to raise money and receive donated items for our veterans. You may decide to set up a holiday drive or donation box at one or more of your store locations, allowing customers the option to donate their change or household goods to our organization. We are open to your ideas on how you may integrate your business with our fundraising efforts.

Donate Your Products

Perhaps you have used or new products that your company manufactures or sells, and you are interested in donating these items to our veterans. No item is too big or too small – if our veterans need it, the Bodhi Battalion is happy to work with local businesses and corporations to deliver it. For example, maybe your company sells appliances and is interested in donating air conditioner units or washing machines to the veterans we house. Even smaller items, such as cleaning supplies or dishware, make a huge difference in the lives of veterans who are poised to gain independence. If you are interested in donating particular items to veterans, but unsure of whether or not our organization needs them, please feel free to contact us.

Common questions about working with us in a corporate partnership…

How do I know where my company’s money, time or products will go?

The Bodhi Battalion has no paid employees, which means none of our funds are tied up in overhead administration costs. Instead, any money you help us raise goes directly to the veterans we serve – helping them put down housing deposits, purchase basic household goods, pay for their health care needs and much more. Donating your business’s time, location or products also directly benefits our veterans. For example, if you decide to take part in a corporate volunteering event, you can witness the transformative effect of your team’s work on our veterans’ lives.

If you are interested in investing in our cause and making substantial donations, we will provide you with a breakdown of the specific ways your money benefits the lives of our veterans. You will also have the chance to direct where your funds go. For example, you can choose to donate to health care costs or educational opportunities for veterans..

I’m interested in company volunteering. How much of a time commitment should I expect?

If your company decides to volunteer, you can decide on how much time your team is willing to commit. You and your team may want to organize a one-time volunteering event or recurring events. All we ask is that once you commit to the project(s) you’ll be working on, you spend enough time to complete the necessary tasks.

Are any of the corporate volunteering tasks dangerous?

At the Bodhi Battalion, we take all precautions with our volunteer groups. Normally, the work our volunteers complete is not dangerous. That said, when we need help improving the structural components of our veteran housing, typical construction-related risks are present. If you have any concerns about the working conditions at our volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Join The Bodhi Battalion By Becoming A Corporate Partner

If you are interested in learning more about how local veterans can benefit from your donations, services, time or community influence, please contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our board members. We are happy to discuss the many ways we can start a corporate partnership – sharing the goal of providing shelter, support and guidance to our veterans in need.

Help us make a difference. Every contribution helps....