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Many Local Veterans Need Our Help

civilian pants and shoes next to military boots and backpackThe cost of rent, housing supplies, health treatments and daily living expenses are often too high for struggling veterans. When they face financial difficulties, they can get discouraged and lose ground on the goals they have been working toward. Sometimes, they do not have access to VA benefits and cannot reach out to loved ones for support, leaving them feeling alone and hopeless, and in some cases, ill and unsafe. The consequences of losing financial stability can be dire, as some veterans must also battle the effects of PTSD, substance abuse issues, unemployment and homelessness. The result is a cycle of struggling to make healthy choices, making progress, once again facing challenges and then regressing to harmful coping mechanisms.

The Bodhi Battalion is dedicated to helping veterans of all eras find hope within civilian society. No matter the extent of their needs, we offer assistance and guidance toward a hopeful future – providing veterans with housing options, mental and physical health treatments, daily living expenses and much more. As a nonprofit, our organization and local veterans rely on the growing support of our donors and volunteers. Our work is possible only with your compassion and generosity.

Donate To Veterans To Set Them Up For Future Success

When you donate to veterans at the Bodhi Battalion, your dollar goes a long way toward helping them heal, learn and find joy in life. Since all of our workers and board members are volunteers, we do not have any overhead administration costs – allowing our donations to go directly to the needs of our veterans. If you are consider making a donation for veterans, take a look at the common one-time or recurring donation amounts and see how your support can impact our veterans’ progress.


A donation of $1800 allows a veteran to cover the costs of moving into an apartment – including his or her application fee, deposit and first month of rent. These initial payments and fees are crucial for veterans to get started on a positive path, and unfortunately, when veterans lose employment or become homeless, it is almost impossible for them to cover these costs on their own. Moving into an apartment is the first step in turning a veteran’s life around.


When you decide to invest $1000 at the Bodhi Battalion, you can pay a veteran’s deposit on a place to live or an entire month of rent. This generous donation helps veterans get started on building a rewarding future and aides them as they move forward in their healing process.


If you would like to donate to veterans and cover a portion of their housing costs, you may choose to give between $250 and $1000. It’s very common for our veterans to earn a portion of their rent money, but come up just short at the end of the month. Your donation can help them feel secure even when they struggle to make ends meet.


Choosing to donate $50-250 on a one-time or recurring basis can help veterans in a variety of ways. Many of our veterans are enrolled in PTSD treatment, substance abuse treatment, physical therapy and wellness coaching programs, all of which cost $50-250 per session. In addition, some need to purchase or cover copayments for their medications, which may amount to $100 or more each month.

If you decide to donate on a recurring basis, you will ensure continued support for our veterans. For example, $50 each month can pay for a veteran’s pet supplies or household goods. $200 per month can pay for his or her groceries. Regardless of his or her particular needs, the funds you donate can give a veteran stability as he or she works with the Bodhi Battalion to create a fulfilling, joyful life.


Smaller one-time or recurring donations between $5 and $50 are always helpful and often provide our organization the extra support we need to provide veterans with well-rounded care. $5 per month can cover the costs of laundry for a veteran, while $45 can pay for a rental application fee. $20 or $30 each month can go toward a veteran’s transportation to and from a job, the VA or treatment sessions.

Donate To The Bodhi Battalion And Honor Veterans Of The Month

Each month, we find one veteran in need and post his or her brief story on our blog page. In honor of the veteran of the month, you may choose to donate directly to his or her healing process. If you donate $200 or more per calendar year, you may also decide how you would like your donation money to be spent – on housing, health services or other daily living supplies.

You may still have a few questions about donating to veterans…

Is my donation secure?

When you donate to the Bodhi Battalion through our website, your transaction is securely processed by PayPal for Business and directly deposited into our financial institution account – without ever changing hands. Since donations are processed by PayPal, we will never have access to your bank account information.

If you would prefer to donate to our cause with a check, please visit our visit our contact page for our address.

Is my donation tax deductible?

As the Bodhi Battalion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation is tax deductible and we are happy to provide you with a donation receipt upon request. If you decide to make a monthly contribution, we can either provide you with a monthly receipt or an annual receipt at the end of each calendar year.

Does my money actually go to veterans?

The Bodhi Battalion does not have any paid employees. Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers and donors, each dollar we raise goes directly to improving the lives of struggling veterans in the Denver metro area.

Honor The Courage Of Our Service Men And Women And Donate To Veterans In Need

If you are ready to donate to veterans and support them as they look forward to a brighter future, please fill out the donation form below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the donation process or if you would like to learn more about our organization.


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