Donation in Honor of a Veteran

Recognize The Service Of Veterans With A Donation In Honor Of A Loved One Or Friend

Arlington National CemetaryYou may have lost a loved one during his or her military service. Or, it’s possible that you served in the military and one or more of your close friends were killed in combat. Perhaps you have experienced or witnessed the struggle of reintegrating into civilian life after deployment. Once your loved one, friend or fellow soldier returned from service, he or she may have wrestled with painful memories, suffered from physical injuries and/or spiraled down a negative path toward addiction and homelessness. You may have drifted apart from or mourned the death of a loved one who struggled to transition back into civilian life. No matter your history with the military, you may now wish you could give back to the veteran community in memory of a friend, mentor or loved one who served our country.

With your experience as a peer, loved one or friend of a service member, you know the courage it takes to sacrifice your life for our country. You also know how important it is to extend a helping hand when others need you most. By making a one-time or recurring donation with the Bodhi Battalion today, you have the chance to become a part of a growing movement toward expanding awareness of our veterans’ needs and building resources that directly benefit struggling veterans. With the growing support of the Bodhi Battalion and our partner organizations, veterans in need have hope to recover and build joyful and compassionate lives.

How Your Donation In Honor Of A Veteran Is Invested

When you donate to the Bodhi Battalion, you are directly giving to veterans in need. Since our organization is built on the dedicated support of our volunteers and donors, we have no overhead administration costs and the funds we raise go solely toward benefitting our veterans. Take a look at the many ways your donation improves the lives of local veterans.

A Safe Home

Security deposits and application fees are often the biggest barrier for veterans who want to move off the street and into to an apartment or home. Their rent is typically $1000 or more per month, and application fees are about $50. When you make your donation, you can decide how much you are willing to invest – on a one-time or recurring basis – helping the same or new veterans each month. If you make a donation of $200 or more throughout the course of one calendar year, you may also choose to direct exactly where your money goes.

Physical And Mental Health Therapy

Some veterans do not enjoy all VA benefits, perhaps because they served in the reserves, or they were disqualified because of their discharge status, current legal trouble or difficulty providing a current ID or address. Physical or mental health appointments and treatments cost veterans about $50-250 each, a price they often cannot afford. When you donate to veterans through the Bodhi Battalion, you make an investment in their overall wellbeing, covering a range of health treatments, such as PTSD treatment, substance abuse treatment and physical rehabilitation. Often the most important step in building a new life is maintaining a healthy body and mind. Through treatment, many of our veterans see a world of fulfilling possibilities.

Daily Living Supplies

Many veterans struggle to afford food, household goods, pet supplies, reliable transportation and laundry access on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You may decide to purchase goods for veterans or make a monetary donation so the Bodhi Battalion can afford quality supplies for the individuals we serve. Providing veterans with necessary resources takes the stress out of their day-to-day lives and makes it possible for them to live with greater comfort and stability. Without the overwhelming burden of financial instability, they can feel empowered to make proactive changes in their lives and ultimately gain independence.

Community Engagement

You may consider donating to the Bodhi Battalion to cover the costs of food, supplies and venue charges during our community engagement events. These gatherings provide a positive environment for veterans to get together and start a dialogue with compassionate individuals in our community. This interaction between veterans and community members opens doors for positive communication and raises awareness of local veteran needs.

You may be wondering if your donation to help veterans is secure and tax deductible…

If you choose to donate for veterans online, your payment is secured through the PayPal business website and deposited directly into our financial institution without changing hands. At no point during the payment process will we have access to your bank account number.

Your donation is tax deductible. We can provide you with a tax receipt after you donate. If you choose to donate on a recurring basis, we can either give you a receipt each month or one receipt at the end of the calendar year.

Pass On A Legacy Of Support To A Veteran In Need

You recognize the sacrifices our service members and veterans have made for our country. By donating to veterans in need, you are carrying out the tradition of comradery and declaring that you won’t leave any of our former soldiers behind.

If you are interested in making a donation, please fill out the secure form below. If you would prefer to write a check and mail it to us, visit our contact page for our address.

Help us make a difference. Every contribution helps....