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When Veterans Struggle

When veterans struggle with addictions, feel overwhelmed by troubling past experiences or cannot fully reintegrate into the civilian world, they may need step-by-step support that can help them as they heal and move forward. They may know they need to enroll in a treatment program but feel unsure of how to find the appropriate resources to properly apply for VA assistance. When veterans face mental health or substance abuse issues, they also often struggle to properly plan and problem solve. This can create an enormous problem for veterans because many of the support systems available to them involve taking several complex steps. They may be living in a city where they have no family members, friends or connections to help them navigate the many public assistance programs. Many times their struggles put a tremendous strain on their relationships with family and friends, leaving them nowhere to turn. Perhaps they are interested in getting involved in their communities, but they do not know where to look for positive activities in their neighborhoods. Instead of getting pointed in several different directions when they need assistance, veterans may wish they could find a single resource for guidance.

For veterans, getting the help they need may be a daily battle. As they attempt to seek out services in their communities, veterans may be surprised that without a current ID, a permanent address or a birth certificate, it’s difficult to apply for housing, mental health treatment or monetary assistance. After waiting in line for hours to meet with a support specialist, it’s possible that veterans find they’ve waited at the wrong place for their specific needs – often meaning they will need to fill out more paperwork and somehow get to the other side of the city before the office closes. Without a car or a driver’s license, veterans may not be able to find reliable transportation to and from appointments and assistance offices. If they are homeless, veterans may have lost all of their personal belongings and spend each day wondering how they will eat or where they will sleep. Penniless and living with the burden of past trauma, veterans can quickly start to feel hopeless about getting their needs met and building a positive life path.

It’s Very Common For Veterans To Have Trouble Navigating Support Systems

Regardless of their backgrounds, after returning home from service, many veterans feel they’ve lost a sense of direction in life. A Washington Post survey found that 50 percent of recent service members reported a difficult transition back into civilian life. So many of these individuals can end up living in a new place where they do not have any connections to the community or basic resources, such as safe housing, leading them to feel confused, isolated or overlooked when they need help.

Our veterans have made countless sacrifices for our country. It is the Bodhi Battalion’s goal to ensure that every veteran has the opportunity to get the streamlined, compassionate assistance they need.

We Simplify Support for Veterans

The Bodhi Battalion is dedicated to looking at the broad picture of veterans’ lives to ensure they have everything they need to follow a positive path toward a rewarding future. In addition to our housing options and mental health resources, we offer a range of other support services for veterans to fill in all of the potential gaps in their lives.

Connecting The Dots: Case Management Assistance

Organizing, prioritizing, planning and problem-solving abilities are essential skills veterans need to navigate the process of getting their lives back on track. Our Bodhi Battalion staff members will work one-on-one with our veterans to develop individualized plans and help them schedule meetings and therapy sessions, as well as follow-up with them to make sure they are receiving the proper care. Whether veterans are starting with nothing or just need support as they transition back into civilian life, we are here to help them build a fulfilling future for themselves. From helping veterans get new birth certificates and IDs to providing them with company as they wait in line for VA assistance, the Bodhi Battalion can make the complicated steps to rebuilding their lives simpler and more convenient. Veterans can also be assured that they will be taken care of if problems arise or if they are uncertain about the future.

Facilitating Mentor Programs, Veteran Peer Groups And Community Engagement

The benefits of socializing with other veterans and the community are profound. If veterans struggle with PTSD or substance abuse or simply miss the companionship they found during military service, our mentoring program and peer group sessions can offer them the opportunity to connect with other veterans. Bodhi Battalion mentors can lead by example – showing their mentees the ways in which they can positively engage with the community and overcome hurdles. Our peer support groups provide a safe space for veterans of various eras talk about their current issues and successes – opening doors to understanding and sharing new ideas for building a healthy life.

In addition to these programs, we also organize community engagement events for veterans to come together with community members, open new dialogues and feel comfortable together in neighborhood activities. In the past, our BBQ community outreach events have been very successful – bringing the comfort of good food and good company to veterans and community members alike.

Even More Services For Veterans

The Bodhi Battalion will tailor each veteran’s support depending on his or her needs. For example, we can assist veterans with transportation to and from treatment services or VA offices. We can also provide veterans with employment assistance, during which our staff members work with them to search for local positions, write resumes, apply to jobs and follow up with employers. If the Bodhi Battalion does not offer a service our veterans need, we will direct them to one of our community partnerships or reliable sources where they can get the assistance they need. From routine daily tasks to broader life planning, we are here to ensure every veteran receives well-rounded care so he or she can confidently move forward in life.

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