Past, Present, Future


Since 2015, the Bodhi Battalion has served the needs of veterans in Colorado by providing housing, food, financial support, health services and substance abuse treatment to vulnerable veterans who have struggled to reintegrate into the civilian world.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Bodhi Battalion has rapidly accomplished an extensive list of community endeavors, all while keeping an eye on the possibility for growth and continued success in the future.

Planting Roots In Our Community

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addictions Counselor, JoAnna McTevia has helped to treat several veterans with a wide range of issues, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addictions, depression, anxiety and family relationship problems. Throughout the Greater Denver Area, JoAnna also saw the need for proper shelter of homeless veterans.

TIn November 2015, after gaining a deeper understanding of what so many veterans experience and witnessing the troubling lack of resources available to them, JoAnna founded the Bodhi Battalion. For months, the nonprofit grew its base of connections, volunteers and donors, and in the spring of 2016, we were awarded the Comcast Innovations 4 Entrepreneur’s regional prize of $10,000.

Recognizing that providing housing to homeless veterans was its first priority, the Bodhi Battalion acquired the Hanover housing project, a 12-unit apartment complex in Aurora, just 1.3 miles from the new VA center. With the help of volunteers who donated hours of service, we resolved the risks of the building and we continue to progress toward a more safe and clean space for veterans to regain their stability and build a positive future.

Our Accomplishments To Date

Even though the Bodhi Battalion has just begun its work to provide stability and community resources to our veterans, so far the results have proven remarkable.

  • We raised more than $16,000 in the past year, which has helped our veterans pay for application fees, rental deposits and renter’s insurance, move in necessities, furniture and mental health services.
  • Volunteers provided more than 500 hours of pro bono work, including:
  • Aiding veterans with their transportation needs
  • Hosting sober living activities, such as fly fishing and BBQ events
  • Offering therapeutic services
  • Helping veterans move
  • Cleaning and restoring the Hanover housing project
  • Supervising visitations
  • Managing veterans’ VA cases and connecting veterans to community resources
  • The Bodhi Battalion has helped nearly 30 veterans find housing and make deposits on rental properties.
  • We have served food to over 100 people in need in the surrounding community during our BBQ events.
  • We completed three community clean-up days.
  • We developed a working relationship with the local police department.

Future Growth

As the Bodhi Battalion looks forward to another year, we are poised to continue providing housing assistance to veterans, ensuring veterans have access to mental health therapy and substance abuse treatment and bridging the gap between veterans and the community so they can find support as they move forward in life.

To extend our reach to more displaced and struggling veterans, we have outlined our goals for the following two years:

  • We aim to assist a total of 125 veterans with housing needs.
  • After establishing full ownership of one property, we will work toward acquiring operational control of two more buildings.
  • We will gain financial independence by growing our community support.
  • Through a strong online presence, we will grow a large and reliable volunteer base.
  • Raising awareness of our veterans’ needs, we will establish well-known community fundraising events.
  • We will build ten new strategic partnerships.

Become A Part Of The Bodhi Battalion

If you are interested in investing in our cause, or you would like to make a donation of money, goods or services, please visit the corresponding links to learn more . Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always interested in discussing the different ways our donors and volunteers can get involved.

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