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Volunteer To Help Veterans As A Service Provider At The Bodhi Battalion

us-flag-1444564-639x472Many of the veterans who reach out to the Bodhi Battalion for assistance do not have access to adequate mental health and physical health services. Some veterans could benefit from programs the VA does not offer. Others may be disqualified for VA assistance because of their legal trouble or discharge status. No matter their background or the reason for the gap in care, veterans are often in need of specialized support to help them manage pain from injuries, clear past trauma, overcome harmful addictions and maintain healthy lifestyles. Without the receiving the care they need and deserve, veterans may become homeless or rely on substances to cope with their physical pain and emotional turmoil. They may have trouble connecting with their family members, friends or the community and feel like they have no one to turn to for support.

When you volunteer for the Bodhi Battalion, you will have the chance to reach out to one or more veterans in need and directly help them find hope and relief from overwhelming burdens. The professional services you provide veterans can offer them new ways to heal and take crucial steps in their journey toward a rewarding future.

Take A Look At The Many Ways You Can Get Involved As A Service Provider

Our nonprofit organization has witnessed the many ways our professional service providers have transformed the lives of our veterans. Your work is crucial to their healing process and demonstrates the deep connections within our community. Below are a few professional partnerships we aim to grow in the future. If your service is not listed, we are always interested in hearing from you if you believe your expert skills can directly help struggling veterans..

Mental Health Therapists For Veterans

If a veteran struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance abuse issues or navigating life outside the military, he or she can benefit from our therapy services. Our professional volunteer base allows us to offer essential mental health support. As a mental health therapist, you will have the chance to make a big impact on a veteran’s life by either working with him or her pro bono or at a reduced rate. The Bodhi Battalion offers our service providers the use of our offices and facilities for therapy sessions. Many of the veterans we assist do not have access to reliable transportation, so any flexibility in your schedule is appreciated.

Physical Therapists

Many of our veterans struggle to manage physical pain related to their injuries sustained during military service. Because military insurance is only accepted at a limited number of providers, including the VA, veterans often forgo physical therapy treatment because of long wait times and complicated insurance processes. As a volunteer physical therapist, you can work one-on-one with veterans to help them build physical strength and resilience to manage their pain and live an independent life.

Massage Therapists

Veterans are especially vulnerable to fears, anxiety and PTSD, and they often experience recurring physical symptoms of built-up stress in their bodies. By volunteering your massage therapy skills during community events or schedule sessions, you can be an important part of a veteran’s healing process. The art of professional massage often complements PTSD therapy, anxiety treatment and physical therapy, and allows veterans to release the tension that has accrued in their muscles.


Veterans suffering from lingering physical pain related to injuries, as well as those engaging in trauma treatment, may also benefit from acupuncture treatment sessions. By volunteering for veterans and providing free and reduced-rate acupuncture sessions, implemented in conjunction with mental health therapy, you can offer veterans a new way to approach their physical and emotional symptoms related to trauma and stress.


When veterans start to regain stability in their lives, they often need nutrition advice and guidance to learn about healthy lifestyles and how to cook meals for themselves. As a nutritionist volunteer, you’ll work with veterans to develop personalized health plans and educate them on the many ways they can make healthy choices in their lives. After you create nutrition plans, you may also help veterans by going grocery shopping with them or teaching them the basics of cooking so they can implement what they have learned.

For each veteran client you decide to work with, we ask that you provide enough time to assess his or her personal health situation, plan for short and long-term goals and follow up on his or her progress.

Yoga Instructors

Veterans struggling with PTSD, anxiety and emotional pain can benefit from the peaceful and meditative effects of yoga classes. By volunteering as a yoga instructor, you can help veterans achieve a calm, reflective state of mind – allowing them to work with their bodies to destress and live in the moment. Yoga sessions with veterans should focus on body sensations and emotional tranquility, rather than more intense physical fitness.

Other Service Providers

Whether you are a dentist, a hair stylist or another service provider, our veterans are in need of your professional work. Many of the veterans who seek out help from the Bodhi Battalion have been homeless and may not have any money to pay for the basic necessities in life, such as haircuts and routine dental care. If you believe your service can benefit veterans in your community, we want to hear from you!

If you are a service provider, you may have questions and concerns about volunteering for veterans…

Does volunteering for veterans present any potential dangers?

Safety for everyone involved is our top priority. While many veterans we work with have fallen on hard times and may struggle with mental health and/or substance abuse issues, we thoroughly assess the potential risks of each client before offering services. If we foresee any potential problems, we will inform you before you start working with certain veterans.

I’m worried I don’t have time to commit to volunteer work.

After you meet with a veteran and determine his or her needs, you may decide to move forward with free or reduced-rate sessions. We ask that if you start working with one or more veterans, you continue to work with them on a regular basis until their needs are met. If you end up taking on too much volunteering work, then we are always open to reassessing your time commitment.

It’s possible that your schedule is too full to take on regular clients. Depending on the nature of your service, you are welcome to offer complimentary sessions at one of our community events. These events benefit veterans by offering helpful services as well as directly funding Bodhi Battalion resources, making it possible for us to continue meeting veterans’ needs.

If you are interested in creating a one-time volunteer event of your own, we can work together to set up a time frame and location where you can provide your service to our veterans.

Does the Bodhi Battalion offer a space to meet with veterans?

As a service provider within the Bodhi Battalion community, we welcome you to host your sessions with veterans at our facilities. For many veterans who do not have access to reliable transportation, meeting in or near our office is always appreciated.

Volunteer To Help Veterans With Your Professional Services

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our service providers for veterans in need, please contact us. We are open to discussing how your service can benefit veterans and answer any questions you may have about our nonprofit organization.

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