The Bodhi Battalion Relies On The Support Of Our Volunteers

man speaking with two soldiersPart of what makes the Bodhi Battalion so unique is that all of our workers are volunteers, people who donate their time and energy toward helping veterans find a rewarding place in society. Having a volunteer staff also means the funds we raise go directly to improving the lives of our veterans – with no overhead administration costs. Our generous base of volunteers allows us to house homeless veterans, provide therapeutic support for veterans who struggle with health issues and help veterans navigate difficult life transitions, as well as provide them with hope and the tools to gain independence.

As a growing nonprofit, we also need to continue building our base of compassionate individuals to ensure our veterans receive the necessary funds, community connections and guidance they need to build positive lives. When you volunteer for veterans at the Bodhi Battalion, your work helps us recognize the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country and honor their courageous service. You are an invaluable part of our effort to help those who are struggling to find the shelter and care they deserve.

Become A Part Of The Bodhi Battalion And Volunteer For Veterans

We are so grateful for the generous support our current volunteers provide. If you are interested in getting involved in the work we do for our veteran community, we have many flexible volunteer positions available.

Fundraising Coordinator

As our fundraising coordinator, you’ll have the chance to become a foundational member of our team – organizing fundraising events, building a solid team of volunteers and establishing strong relationships with sponsors and donors. Ideally, you will bring your expertise in coordinating large-scale community events and implement useful strategies throughout the fundraising process.

Time commitment: 20 hours per month

Events Coordinator

If you want to get involved in organizing the details of Bodhi Battalion events, you may be interested in becoming an events coordinator for our team. In this position, you will work closely with our fundraising coordinator to effectively implement plans for our fundraising events, including appreciation dinners for our donors, silent auctions, community BBQs and/or an annual ball or golf tournament to benefit veterans.

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per month depending on event schedule

Grant Writer

As our grant writer, you will be responsible for researching and applying for different grants and private trusts that fit our organization. Because the Bodhi Battalion is a relatively young nonprofit, finding the best potential grants may be challenging at first. However, as you help us win grants that are in line with our nonprofit status and mission, you’ll have the chance to witness how meaningful each dollar of grant money is in our organization.

Time commitment: 15 hours per month

Monetary Donations Coordinator

If you decide to volunteer as our monetary donations coordinator, you will seek out corporate sponsorships in our communities. In person or via online communication, you will help us spread the word about the funds we need and how the Bodhi Battalion directly benefits local veterans in need.

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per month

In-kind Donations Coordinator

By becoming our in-kind donations coordinator, you’ll work to coordinate the pickup, delivery and storage of large donated items, such as furniture and appliances. You will also help determine the specific items our veterans need most (e.g. sheets, towels or cleaning supplies) and prioritize these items as you communicate with our generous donors.

Time commitment: 20 hours per month

Volunteer Coordinator

As a Bodhi Battalion volunteer coordinator, you will help organize and structure our volunteer work, prioritizing placement of volunteers where they are most needed. You’ll also serve as the main contact person for our volunteers, ensuring consistent and clear communication so the volunteering process flows smoothly.

Time commitment: 20 hours per month

Community Outreach And Education Facilitator

The Bodhi Battalion community outreach and education facilitator will interact with the many levels of our staff, donors, sponsors and community connections. Working closely with our monetary donations coordinator, you will develop community awareness events and presentations in order to educate corporate sponsors and investors about veterans’ needs. You’ll also have the chance to create new relationships with building owners and landlords to help us find new affordable housing for our veterans.

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per month

Cleaning And Maintenance Volunteer

If you have experience in cleaning, repairs or general handiwork, you may be interested in volunteering to help us spruce up our veteran housing. This position is very flexible and may be taken on by several individuals. You may have a particular expertise you’d like to offer, such as plumbing, heating or flooring services. We welcome all different tradespeople to assist us as we make our housing options for veterans as clean and comfortable as possible.

Time commitment: 4 or more hours per month, depending on the nature of the work

Transportation Support Volunteer

So many of our veterans do not have access to reliable transportation. As a transportation support volunteer, you will provide rides to veterans who are traveling to and from support services, the VA and job interviews. If you or other volunteers are unable to provide veterans with rides, then you may also coordinate alternative forms of transportation for them, such as helping them get bus passes and plan public transportation routes.

Time commitment: 5-10 hours per month

General Staff Volunteers

From staffing events to spreading the word about the Bodhi Battalion in your community, we always need new people to get involved and provide help for veterans. You may be interested in working with us on a one-time task or on a longer-term, as-needed basis when we’re looking for an extra hand or two. No matter how you may assist us in our mission to build hope for struggling veterans, we want to hear from you!

Time commitment: We ask that you set aside about 5 hours per month to volunteer for veterans at the Bodhi Battalion, but you may also create your own schedule.

Common questions and concerns about volunteering for veterans…

What if I can’t commit to a certain amount of time each month?

You may be thinking that 5-20 hours per month sounds like too much to take on with your current schedule. While we have assessed the potential time commitment for most positions, these estimations are also quite flexible, depending on the time of year and the events we have scheduled. We ask that if you sign on for a particular task or position, then you commit to working as long as your specific duties are fulfilled. The only times that you’ll be required to have a set schedule are during events and meetings. If you still are uncertain about making any time commitment, you can still volunteer on an as-needed basis when your schedule allows. Any assistance you can provide is a step forward in the rewarding process of helping veterans find housing, stability and independence.

Are volunteering positions safe?

Safety is our top priority for our volunteers. We seek to minimize any and all potential risks associated with our many volunteer positions. If you are concerned about working with veterans who may struggle with substance abuse or anger issues, then we assure you that you will not be asked to provide one-on-one support, unless you are interested in offering your professional help to our veterans and understand the risks.

I can volunteer my time for many worthy causes. Why should I choose the Bodhi Battalion?

In the Denver metro area, we have a growing need to support struggling veterans – whether they face homelessness, addictions or community reintegration issues . At the Bodhi Battalion, we believe that when veterans need our help, it is our duty to step in and ensure they receive the care and assistance they deserve. They made enormous sacrifices to serve our country. Now, it’s our turn to show them that we will not leave them behind when they face life challenges.

Volunteer For Veterans

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of our volunteering team, please contact us. We are open to discussing all of the different ways you can work to help veterans in our community and answer any questions you may have about our nonprofit organization.


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