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How & What We Do The Mission

Bodhi Battalion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Colorado in 2015. Bodhi Battalion’s mission is to provide accessible resources, community connection, mental health services, and service dogs to Colorado veterans experiencing challenges related to posttraumatic stress, mental health, isolation, risk of suicide, or other identified needs. We partner and collaborate with like-minded community providers and organizations to address the challenges specific to veterans and create a united front against veteran suicide.

What makes the Bodhi Battalion unique as a nonprofit is that we look at each veteran as a whole person to effectively address the reasons for their current challenges. By gaining a deeper understanding of the unique needs of veterans’ issues, we can work together step-by-step to foster and maintain the components of a meaningful life. The Bodhi Battalion believes that canine involvement can provide the essential bridge to treatment that is so vital.

In 2019 the Bodhi Battalion developed the P.T.S.D REDEFINED program, Providing Treatment (through) Service Dogs. This program allows veterans to interact and help prepare young service dogs in training for veteran matching and service placement. Our program utilizes critical cognitive and mindfulness-based techniques to create a parallel learning process that generates the most beneficial and welcoming environment for restorative therapeutic progress. Many organizations offer service dogs, and many offer therapy, but the Bodhi Battalion utilizes both to create a deeper, more enduring model of healing.

The “Providing Treatment Through Service Dogs (PTSD)” program utilizes a combination of evidence-based practice and mindfulness concepts with dog training to address symptoms related to post-traumatic stress, mental health conditions, isolation, low motivation, and other challenges unique to veterans.  The program is structured to connect veterans with puppies and dogs in our service training program to enhance and promote healing and wellness.  Veterans in the program receive one on one and group instruction.  The focus is on helping them become more aware of physical symptoms, addressing social anxiety and isolation, training a dog to respond to specific symptoms, utilizing a dog in public areas, fielding questions, and more.  If they qualify, they may eventually receive a fully customized service dog.  We provide mental health treatment for veterans in the program seeking alternatives to VA care.  We are finalizing details for our training scholarship that will open in June.

To create a comprehensive system of support and wellness through collaboration with like-minded community providers to address the challenges specific to veterans and create a united front against veteran suicide.