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Bodhi Battalion is a 501c(3) organization.

What can a veteran/first responder expect from us?

At Bodhi Battalion we look at each veteran as a whole person to address the reasons for their current challenges effectively. By gaining a deeper understanding of the issues faced by veterans/first responders, we can work with them step-by-step to foster and maintain the components of a meaningful life.

1. Application

Fill out the application and submit it with the required documentation in entirety.
($50 application fee)

2. Interview

You will have an Interview with our Director of Operations followed by an interview. The director will submit the application and interview notes to the board with recommendations of approval/denial.

3. Home Inspection

The home inspection allows us to evaluate the environment the puppy will be in.  We will assist with any additional precautions or safety measures needed in the home to help keep your new partner and your home safe.

4. Orientation

Orientation will prepare you for the intensive work of a service dog partnership and will take place over a minimum eight sessions. You will become familiar with our training program, work with a service dog/s in training, explore our software reporting system and get an in depth understanding of the intensive work it takes to create a successful team with your service dog partner.

5. Puppy Matching

Our puppies go through a rigorous temperament and health assessment prior to acceptance into the program.

After the application and screening process the veteran will be matched with a puppy based on the mental health and physical needs.

6. Supplies

You will receive your “puppy starter box” that consists of 2 kennels, 2 kennel pads, a seat belt, bowl set, Toys, Treat bag, poop bags, two training clickers , Whistle, vest, patches, leash and collar.

In addition to the puppy box, we pay for the first year of food, 12 bags of treats (one per month) and the first year of veterinary care.

7. Training

Individual training is conducted on a weekly basis and group training is conducted 2x per month Participants are required to submit  weekly homework and 1 video thorough our customized training app.

8. Cost

We are committed to helping veterans/first responders find a life changing service dog.  The only cost to you is the one-time $50 application fee.

Program FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


If you want to take your life back and free yourself from PTSD or the trauma of combat injuries, we can help you restore your sense of independence and purpose. Please email us at to schedule your consultation so we can discuss the application process and timeline for changing your life with a free service dog.

You can also fill out our short ‘interest’ application by clicking below.

Friends of Bodhi

Our partners make it possible for us to live our mission and provide care and assistance to as many veterans as possible. Please show them your support!